Shot between February and August 2023, in the hours of 12 to 2 a.m., “Midnights” explores the moments that reveal themselves when many of us are asleep. What can the camera see that the human eye cannot? What can you witness when you’re willing to stay up late?

The collection was on view at the Dye and Bleach House Community Gallery in Willington, Connecticut in October and November 2023.

Fireflies in the meadows at MassAudubon’s Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

The Connecticut River surged over its banks in a rare summer flood in 2023, cresting around midnight on July 12 and shutting down Route 5 between Easthampton and Northampton.

The Whately Diner after a snowstorm on March 15. For this photograph and many others in the show, I used a 45mm perspective control lens, which can create dreamlike, ethereal images by changing the angle of the focal plane. This selective focus effect is similar to the “tilt-shift” setting on Instagram.

The Saturday night crowd at Antonio’s Pizza in downtown Amherst on May 13.

Food truck patrons at Kendrick Park in downtown Amherst, May 13.

A man crosses Chestnut Street outside the Ivory Billiard Lounge in Holyoke, March 4.

Amtrak’s Valley Flyer crosses a canal in downtown Holyoke shortly after leaving the city’s train platform around midnight, under a nearly full moon on August 3.

The Milky Way rises above an amateur astronomer at the Arunah Hill Natural Science Center in Cummington, Massachusetts during the Perseid meteor shower on August 11.

Edward Faits, volunteer director of the Arunah Hill Natural Science Center, adjusts a 120-year-old Gaertner refracting telescope during an event on August 11.

An Easthampton police officer on Route 5, July 12.

St. Patrick’s weekend at Brennan’s Place on High Street in Holyoke, March 16.

An angler weighs a catfish on the Route 116 bridge over the Connecticut River between South Hadley and Holyoke, August 3.

A member of the Palmer chapter of the Latin American Motorcycle Association poses for a portrait on Worthington Street in Springfield, August 13.

Pedestrians pass the mural wall at the former site of Bloom’s Camera Center in downtown Springfield, August 13.

A moped rider on High Street in Holyoke, August 3.

A spotted orbweaver on the Smith College campus, July 11.

A spotted salamander near Henry Street in Amherst, March 27, during the annual spring migration from their winter hideaways to vernal pools.

A view of Mount Holyoke under a nearly full moon, from East Hadley Road in Hadley, August 31.

A cow in the pasture at Cook Farm in Hadley, August 31.

A pedestrian on Race Street in Holyoke during a snowstorm on February 28.

A worker on the Interstate 91 bridge replacement project in Northampton, August 2.